Our Mission

The purpose of the Help Club is to provide a platform of social awareness for the nouns that need it most.

The Help Club is a gathering place for any *helpsy* person regardless of their story.  

So what does that mean?  The HelpC.com website will update regularly with new features on people & places & things who need help or give help.  The Help Club fb page will post similar stories.  Stories that will hopefully inspire you... To help?  Sometimes.  But also to help you remember that there is so much goodness in the world, if only you look to see it.

The website also features a Volunteer Calendar that includes both internet campaigns and volunteer opportunities (at the current time, it has a regional focus of New England and particularly in Central Massachusetts).

Something to note as this begins - the Help Club is researching the organizations and causes that are featured on the website to make sure they have a good reputation. To the best of my ability I can tell you that information on thehelpC website has been verified.

At this time the fb page is not as thoroughly vetting every post. If it links to the website, it has been checked. If it's a re-share from fb, or was posted on the page by someone other than The Help Club, I would recommend a quick Google search if you are concerned about the accuracy of the information. Help is best given where it is most needed.

Your feedback is kindly appreciated.  Contact askthehelpclub@gmail.com

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
— Anne Frank

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