general inquiries

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(you can also directly post on the Help Club Facebook page)



why would i contact the help club?

  • If you have a cause, fundraiser, story or anything else that you would like the Help Club to feature or promote. It could be anything from: Spread the Word, a good idea to focus on; Featured Cause, a recommended donation of the month; Spotlight On... a volunteer or helpful person; and whatever you might think of.  Suggest what you want to do.
  • If you have a question about the Help Club.
  • You need more information about a post that you like.
  • You want to start a Volunteer Calendar for your area*. 
    • *Currently the Volunteer Calendar is focused on New England with a further concentration on events in Central Massachusetts. 
  • You want to submit a *helpsy* post of your own.
  • You want to sign up for the waiting list for the newsletter (Coming Winter 2016).
  • You have a really good idea for a *helpsy* project.
  • You want to help.
  • You need help.
  • No really.  If it's not help that The Help Club can provide, we will offer what we can and point you in another direction.