~~~ five ways to HELP on Giving Tuesday 2015 ~~~

There are countless ways to give of yourself to others and to the world.  Not everyone can give the same amount of the same thing at the same time.  But everyone can give something.  Here are five different ways to help on #givingtuesday 2015.

  • Give money - the first and perhaps most obvious.  Financial donations make a huge difference to your favorite cause.  However, this is often the most challenging way to give for many people who are struggling, who need help themselves.   That's okay!  There are at least four other ways to give...
  • Give time - to a cause, to a fundraiser, to family, to a friend.  Volunteer for the day, for the night, for the weekend.  Help the person in your life who needs something.  Your time well spent can change the world.
  • Give energy - If you don't have money and you don't have time, you can give of yourself by focusing your energy on performing a positive action that can be accomplished quickly, like sharing a good cause online or promoting a person who is making positive changes in the world.  For Giving Tuesday, and any day, focus your attention on the goodness of people.
  • Give thanks - for what you have.  Last week on Thanksgiving, many people shared what they were most grateful for as they gave thanks at the dinner table.  This week, do it again.
  • Give love - to whomever & whatever you love.  **On Giving Tuesday and beyond**

Happy Giving Tuesday 2015!