The Help Club : a gathering place for helpsy people

I started this website & a fb page to promote helping each other on this earth.  Helping with hope.  We can choose to focus on goodness, on possibilities, on positive change in the world.  It's not always an easy choice, and sometimes I fail in that regard personally.  But the Help Club is a not about me or you or any one person.  It's us.  I intend for it to become a gathering place for any *helpsy* person regardless of their story.  

So what does that all really mean?  The HelpC website will update regularly with new features on people & places & things who need help or give help.  The Help Club fb page will post similar stories.  Stories that will hopefully inspire you... To help?  Sometimes.  But also to help you remember that there is so much goodness in the world, if only you look to see it.

thanks for visiting